Safety Performance

Once the glass fractured, it can be very dangerous. The laminated glass produced by KB PVB Film can absorb impact force and the middle film can stick the broken glass and fix them in place to reduce the risk of broken glass and prevent the spatter of debris. Now according to the provisions of China, the following glass which has potential safety hazard would use the laminated safety glass. KB PVB Film is strictly in accordance ENSIO12600 European standard during the production. Therefore, KB PVB film can completely meet the requirements of building regulations on the safety glass.

  • Out-opening window of the construction over 7 floors
  • Over 1.5 m2 area of Windowpane
  • Curtain
  • Inclining assembled windows, various ceiling and suspended ceiling
  • Sightseeing elevator and its periphery
  • Indoor partition wall, bathroom containment and screen
  • Stairs, balcony, breast board of platform corridor and inside breast board of courtyard
  • The ground for human walking
  • The inspection window and peep door of aquarium and swimming pool

Using pure PVB resin, KB PVB Film adopts the special resin formula for PVB film, which can provide safer performance than other recycling material film. It is suitable for high-grade laminated glass project.