Optical Property

Excellent optical performance is the most significant advantage of KB PVB Film. The performance is better than the imported film. Using the pure resin, KB PVB Film never adds external recycle material during the production which can reach high level of glass light transmittance and the color can be glittering and translucent.

By testing five different films, KB PVB Film has the lowest yellowing value. The color representing KB PVB Film is much whiter than others even the imported films. The finished glass will not be yellowing. It will be more evident when combining layers of PVB. The haze is still less 1% after combining 3 layer of 0.76 mm films which are five times less than other domestic films and keep pace with imported film.

In the production of super white laminated glass, the optical properties of the film will have a great large impudence on glass quality. In order to maintain the super light transmittance of high white glass and make the virtually same visible light transmission performance of laminated glass with ordinary plate glass, KB PVB Film will be an alternative to imported film.


Anti-UV Ability

The wavelength of UV is about 280-380 mm. The laminated glass produced by 0.76 mm KB PVB Film can stop more than 99% UV. Installing KB PVB laminated glass on your showcase can reduce fading and aging of indoor valuables due to UV. KB PVB will not affect the light-admitting quality of glass when blocking the ultraviolet rays. The natural light can still enter indoor normally.