Kingboard Products

Kingboard Film acts as a PVB industry leader, and its market has been increasingly improved since eight years development. It has been recognized by Glass giant. Kingboard provides various specifications of PVB films.Advantages of its film can meet your critic requirements on glass which are highly degree of safety laminated glass, optics and aging resistance. Meanwhile, we also supply auto PVB and construction PVB. Auto PVB covers 70% of handling capacity, which takes auto film as the main market of the domestic PVB supplier.

Construction Film

Kingboard construction film is made of 100% resin, it bears three major advantages:

  1. High degree of safety
  2. Lasting aging resistance
  3. Superior optical property

Kingboard Films are successful qualified by EN/ISO 15543,EN/ISO 12600 and grape-shot bags of impact test. What’s more, we’ve been passed a full set of performance test by one of the biggest glass producers. Kingboard is now a qualified supplier for its not only successful in China but also acquired world level 1 standard.

Auto Film

Kingboard film owns as the same features as the imported film for it satisfies ECE R43 requirements. It has one of the biggest domestic film producers and gains the recognition of three giant glass producers. Therefore, large scale purchase is in operations. Kingboard film is specialized tailored for autos because its high degree of safety with the strength of films compared with recycling material films. It can be tested by most of auto makers. The stability of combined machining can guarantee the productive process successful and production efficiency.

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