The Characteristic of KB Architectural Central Film


Prevention of burglary

Ultraviolet ray filters

Heat insulation property


  • Safety

    PVB film has good adhesive power. Once been impacted, debris will bond in the film firmly to avoid hurting the human body. After the storm, earthquakes or explosion shock, the glass fragments can also be completed within the window frame and not harm the indoor personnel if the construction using laminated glass.

  • Prevention of burglary

    Prevention of burglary: Laminated glass cannot be easily damage by knives or other entering into the indoor by breaking the glass. Even under strong shock, the gap is tiny. Therefore, laminated glass has very strong resistance for malicious damage, theft and violence intrusion.

  • Ultraviolet ray filters

    KB adopts high-performance anti-UV additives, which can stop more than 99% of the ultraviolet ray and protect the indoor furniture or personnel to avoid fading due to ultraviolet radiation for a long time and reducing the risk of sunburn.

  • Heat insulation property

    Infrared can increase the indoor temperature in the air while laminated glass can filter the infrared to reduce the heat conduction between the indoor and outdoor. It has great significant on reducing air conditioning load, energy consumption and global warming.

  • Soundproof

    Laminated glass can effectively reduce the penetration of sound waves to glass, which can have great soundproof effect. To reduce the noise transmission outdoor can make the indoor environment more quiet and comfortable.