Auto-level PVB Film

What Can KB Auto Film Do?

All front glasses of car must use laminated glass to protect the passengers by law. When the unfortunate accident, middle PVB film can stick the pieces tightly to avoid the harm of debris. The middle film has excellent ductility, which can resist the external shocks. At the same time, KB PVB Film can also provide new technology performance and meet the needs of the various car models.

Why Use KB Auto Film?

  • More excellent safety performance
  • Stable processing conditions
  • Reducing interior noise more availably
  • Cutting of 99% UV without the affection of wireless reception of telephone
  • Stable film-drawing performance which can increase the film usage rate

KB Auto Film Market

Currently, KB auto film has been recognized by world famous glass manufacturers. In addition to the European standard, it passed more OEM products testing. The performance can be guaranteed. The main film is the imported film in the past automobile market. Located in replacing the imported film, KB PVB Film has been successful gradually which gives another choice for customers.

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